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INTERFACE Magazine is a technology magazine for teachers. Our vision is to give educators more confidence using ICT through providing informative, inspiring and independent coverage of the issues relating to the use of ICT in teaching and learning.

It's published by G Media Publishing eight times a year, twice a term. Content includes one-off articles and case studies on a variety of technology-related topics, as well as regular features, where readers know they can build on their knowledge of specific IT areas - such as technical jargon, lesson plans, technical 'how to' advice, readers' comments, and online resources. They majority of content is written by independent, professional writers, however, we also encourage teachers to submit articles about their own experiences. We believe this provides INTERFACE readers with information and resources they can trust.

We reconise that we're not preaching to the converted when it comes to technology - which is one of the reasons we started in the first place. We aim to make content easy to read, engaging, informative and fun, across a range of skills and experiences.

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