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Interactive Tools

By interactive tools I mean any tool used to create an open product. For example: I can create a blog in order to make my students read certain texts and interact with me bý commenting on the text and even exchanging points of view with other comments from other readers.
The teacher can launch a discussion on a wiki, creating a space where his students may express their feelings, may add content or chnage it...
Teachers and students may belog to the same social networks where they can exchange points of view on subjects not directly connected with a certain school subject but that may have a bearing on some aspects of social life or behaviour, or whatever...
That is sharing knowledge, compare feelings, ideas and even collaborate on joint actions that may make a difference in the environment both teacher and students live in, including the school they work in or go to everyday.

--José Romão 17:23, 19 December 2009 (UTC)