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The ITPNZ Libraries Forum commenced reorganisation after notification from the ITP National Office in February 2009 of withdrawal of support for fora activities. An assessment of the way ahead became critical in June following the indication of withdrawal from ITPNZ by six members at the end of the year. At the 2009 ITPNZ Libraries Forum meeting, 6-8 July at Wintec, attendees from the 16 ITPs present agreed unanimously that the Libraries Forum should continue in some form.

The Forum moved that membership continue with the same composition of 19 ITP library managers and be renamed ITP Library Managers.

The Libraries group has existed in several forms for many years and has had a major impact on library developments in institutes of technology and polytechnics and, it is anticipated, this will continue into the future. The ITPNZ Libraries Forum expressed the belief that it was critical to continue our original aims of fostering and enhancing education in New Zealand.

Purpose of the ITP Library Managers Forum:

• Strategic collaboration/cooperation for efficiency

• Professional development

• Networking for information and sharing best practice