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Welcome to the OER Portal of the IDCE-UG


The Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) is an extended extra-mural arm of the University of Guyana. The Institute provides leadership in the field of Distance and Continuing Education. It develops and implements a variety of educational courses. It operates within communities and in collaboration with Faculties of the University, Government as well as non-Government agencies.

The Institute’s programmes allow adults to choose courses which are directly related to their needs, be they for personal development and enrichment, job advancement or higher academic pursuits.

Outreach IDCE has the mandate to spearhead the University’s distance education programme. It delivers a variety of programmes by the web, print and face-to-face modes and its activities cover all ten (10) administrative regions of Guyana.

IDCE has four (4) main full time Centres (Anna Regina {Region 2}, Linden {Region 10}, Georgetown {Region 4, the Central Office} and New Amsterdam {Region 6}). It also conducts courses/programmes at sub-centres in Bartica (Region 7), Corentyne (Region 6), Fort Wellington (Region 5), Kwakwani (Region 10), Lethem (Region 9), Mabaruma and Moruca (Region 1), Mahdia (Region 8), Vreed-en-Hoop (Region 3) and Wakenaam (Region 3) and at Soesdyke, Plaisance and Paradise in Region 4.


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