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The easiest way to install mediawiki in windows

This is to show you how to install mediawiki on your computer if you are using the windows plattform.

How to do it

You download web developer suite installer for windows from the internet and istall it. This is an open source software so its free. After installing make sure Mysql and apache are up and running.Start your browser and type the following http://localhost then enter. c:\www\mysql5\bin

Type mysql -u root -p Then enter the defualt password as rootwdp. Upadate my mysql for user root as follows

upadate user set password = password('root') where user = 'root'; Then quit the mysql Stop your apache and mysql on wamp and start them all over again.

Back to mediawiki configuration

Go to wiki setup and fill in all the the details required. please note that some are optional but ones in highlighted in red but must be filled. Remember also to set your mysql user name as root and password root. The database name remains mediawiki.

After completing the details submit the form and follow the instruction.

Moving the local settings in the configuration file

Cut the local setings in the configuration file and paste it into the mediawiki folder.

Then follow the blue link to your mediawiki

Icon activity.jpg
Read more about the Mediawiki so that you can be able to change some atrributes in the local settings

Installing MediaWiki on Linux

The following instructions will help you install MediaWiki on Ubuntu Linux.