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Big Idea • Our community influence and is influenced by the St Clair Coastline. • St Clair Beach is a source of recreational, natural?? and economic resources. • Peoples’ views and use of St Clair have changed over time due to the needs and experiences of different groups. (E.g. Sealers and whalers, Pre-European Maori, Modern day use – surfing, recreation, Tourism, Reclaimed Land, sand dunes). • The eco-systems in and around St Clair are strongly affected by the way people view and use local resources. • St Clair Beach is central meeting point of our community???

Related Issues - The different uses of the beach can have impact on each other and the environment. - The beach community consists of groups of organisms growing or living together. - Food chains and webs demonstrate the importance and interdependence of all species found there. - Te Marama is used as a guide for good and bad days for activities such as fishing, planting. The Máori have used patterns of the moon to measure time (Matariki – May??).

Values and Attitudes This unit is designed to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of how different groups of people value, view and use St Clair Beach and the Esplanade, both in the past and present day, and the ways that people interact with their environment to meet their changing needs. By exploring the range of activities at our beach, we aim to engender an acknowledgement of differing values and opinions of people and how they influence each other. St Clair was used by Pre-European Maori, as a fishing area, during the summer part of their migration. While the Otago harbour drew the new settlers in, firstly with whaling and sealing and later, as a service city for the gold-mining era… St Clair was developed as a community of the semi affluent. The beach has been altered to meet the needs the community and the needs of tourism and trade. Recreational groups have established areas (surf club, surfing, etc.) to meet their needs. St Clair attracts tourists with its range of cafes and restaurants along with the beautiful coastline but more importantly appears to be a place of value for the local community.