Infrastructure Development Course - 003

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Course Module Premise Wiring Installer – 003B

Course Description:

  • This course is design to produce technicians that are capable of designing, design, install or maintain copper and fiber optic Systems.


  • Understand the EIA/TIA standards for category 5e, 6,
  • Understand the EIA/TIA standard for fiber optic cabling.
  • Know the performance specifications for the high performance twisted.
  • Understand premise wiring test equipment
  • Understand distance limitations, attenuation, near-end crosstalk etc.
  • Wiring mapping and how to test these measurable electrical properties ofcopper and fiber media.
  • Understand the logical and physical organisation of premise
  • Systems, the product and test equipment needed to install and maintainthem, demonstrate basic skills needed to assemble, wire and test.
  •  Various cabling systems include new advanced cabling systems by participating in hands-on lab exercise.