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This is proposed as a course, or a "meta" course (or disambiguation page) linking to courses/resources on aspects of indicators at various levels in various fields.

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Possible Modules

  • Economic Indicators
  • Social Indicators
  • Environmental or Ecological Indicators
  • Sustainability Indicators

By Field

  • Chemical Indicators
       Acid Base indicators are some examples of the chemical indicators.
       Substances used to check whether the given substances are acids or bases. 
        examples - phenolphthalein, methyl orange, Litmus .
       indicators which are obtained from the nature are called natural indicators. Indicators which are prepared in laboratories are called synthesized indicators.  
      Natural indicators -- Litmus , china rose petals, turmeric powder,red cabbage, all the dark coloured flowers petals.
      Synthesized indicators-- Methyl orange, Phenolphthalein.