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India course module: Preventing Child Mortality

[Note: This has now been developed further for course delivery through Moodle].

As with other course modules, we could start with a set of headings:

Public Health problem to be solved

Educational target group

Competence to be achieved

Open Educational Resource to meet competence

Discussion points to work through resource (to guide tutors)

Possible assessment tool

Public Health problem to be solved

We have chosen child mortality as the Public Health problem to be solved, so now let's identify some competencies to be met by the resources we can find. But before the competencies, we should think about the education context. At whom are we aiming this education? Is it at a Masters level? I think it should be aimed at practitioners, but what sort? Doctors or nurses or others? Urban or rural or both?


Let's sart with the Canadian competencies and see where they take us: [Canadian core competencies for public health]

I've added some resources I found, although we really need to decide the appropriate competencies first, I've added them below before I forget where they are!


Here is a set of lectures from Johns Hopkins Open Courseware that deals with infnat mortality. Some of it has an international perspective, some is related to the US

Zinc deficiency. Another resource from Johns Hopkins Open Courseware describes the evidence surrounding Zinc and child health.

Free online textbook Effects of health programs on child mortality

Some education programmes which may be useful references [1] [2]