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This is a page for planning the launch of L4C campaign for teachers on October 2, 2008 and collaborative development of a joint statement by WEs to be issued on the Teachers' Day on 5th September, 2008.


"A computer literate, internet enabled teacher is better equipped to create nation-building generation."

It is the above inspiring thought that has prompted Dr.Ramakrishnan Srinivasan to contemplate on a joint statement by the [India|Team India] to commemorate the Teachers Day which falls on the birth day of Bharat Ratna Dr.Sarvepalii_Radhakrishnan. A teacher in India, that is Bharat (see: Names of India ), is called Acharya and has a unique place of high reverence. A teacher is called an Acharya because an Acharya is one who practices and facilitates learning what he practices. A teacher is compared to a burning lamp which alone can lit another lamp. In the modern and present context a teacher in Bharat ought to be like a lamp on the threshold who is capable of illumining the glorious past and guiding the onward march of the nation towards prosperity, progress and peace. The clarion call to the teachers of the nation to join Team India by the WikiEducator Ambassadors for India should reach the ears of every teacher in the country. How best this can be achieved?

The content of the joint statement is under preparation.

Joint Statement to be released on WikiEducators Day on October 2nd - 2008

Please enter your statement based on the theme as proposed by Dr. Ramakrishnan Srinivasan in the Introduction

...enter your text here...

"The heart of education is the education of the heart."

-Rashtrapita,Mahatma Gandhi.

WE, the WikiEducators of India, that is Bharat recall the glorious address of the Vedic Rshies : Listen, Ye children of Immortality! and proudly present the following joint statement on Thursday, the 2nd October, 2008.

  • WE firmly believe in and strongly advocate the right to free access to quality education whose goal is realizable as defined by Gandhiji : "The end of all knowledge must be building up of character."
  • WE sincerely assert that the practice of ahimsa is complete only when the Seven Social Sins enlisted by Gandhiji are totally wiped out from the surface of mother earth.
  • WE proclaim that an international initiative like WikiEducator Community alone can successfully provide the necessary know-how, training and assistance towards nation building through Open Education Resource and Online Distance Learning globally.
  • To get connected for this purpose, let us empower ourselves/teachers with ICT, lest we/teachers should become as obsolete as dinosaurs in new education system.
  • The Mission of the WikiEducator-India is to provide a common platform for indexing, discussing and co-ordinating the activities of various country team projects in India towards the realization of the COL vision of a free version of the education curriculum by 2015.
  • Gurudev Tagore's Prayer, "Where the mind is free from fear..." reflects the vision of Vedic mind which seeks to establish the culture of living in liberation. Where all knowledge is free there would prevail real freedom and true culture.
  • The WikiEducator Brochure which is available online in PDF introduces the concept of this Wiki Culture.
  • The WikiEducator Tutorials reveal the know-how of online learning-teaching process.
  • Participation in this great movement includes promoting and inspiring participation and hence, it is the sacred duty of every teacher who has read this Joint Statement to join hands, head and heart to make it available to all teachers and learners across the country.

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  • to be contd.

GCresearcher 12:30, 12 August 2008 (UTC)

Contributors to the joint statement

Two categories of Joint Statements may be kept in view : i) Online statement to appear on the websites with suitable video clippings of speeches ( YOU TUBE versions etc.) by His Excellency, Bharat Ratna Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam (with permission) who is a NO.1 Teacher indeed. His special message for the occasion may be sought in person by the WE India Team delegation.

ii) Poster-Statements for display on the Notice Boards of the Departments of Collegiate Education,Universities,colleges and Offices of Teachers Associations.

Long live Teachers Movement, Online!

GCresearcher 23:39, 5 July 2008 (UTC)


The Dawn of A New Era in the Teachers Movement: Bharat, 2008.


The Preamble

WE, the WikiEducators of Bharat realize that:

  • just as the National Flag needs to be presented as it is, which itself is an act of respecting the national identity, the name of the nation also needs to be presented as it is done in the Constitution of the nation.
  • the duties of an Indian citizen as adumbrated in the PART IV.A of the venerable Constitution include "value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture". Hence it is the sacred duty of every WikiIndiaEducator to keep in view the constitutional expression: India, that is Bharat.
  • the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and culture is the burden of teachers who are the second parents to the students. The parents, no doubt, are the first teachers. From KG to PG and beyond, the growth of a student is facilitated by the institution called teacher. In this process of growing there is the need of growth of this institution in terms of up graded capabilities and fresh possibilities to fulfill the success requirements in keeping with the changing and progressive society. If a teacher fails here, it amounts to failing the student community at large.
  • the real wealth in life is the wealth of learning. Right to learn is the birth right of every human being. It is also true that every human being ought to realize the fundamental duty of availing every opportunity to learn new ways and means of learning. "Arise, awake and keep learning from quality masters and sources", this mantra ought to be the breath of teachers who value quality as the core of teacher-institution. For, teaching is learning twice.
  • each soul is potentially divine and is capable of bringing it to manifestation for the good of all. WikiEducator values are online re-affirmations of the Vedic tradition of learning and this finding deserves an in depth study to identify the pleasant parallels in Wiki><Veda systems. Just as the Vedas belong to the humanity, Wiki also belongs to the humanity.
  • Sangha:, Samatvam, Samvaada:, Samagrasamgraha: and Samanvaya: are the Vedic key-words which are parallel to the Wiki values. (These terms roughly mean : group/community, equality, dialogue, collaborative effort of gathering resources, and striking concord in every sense of the term.)
  • that Sanskrit as developed by Sage Panini is the most computer-friendly language in the world and hence it is not a dead language.Ganakashtadhyayi is its proof. See:[[1]]. Learning Sanskrit is a process of refining thought and the instrument of thought, speech and the instrument of speech and hence disciplining the growth of the individual into a refined person.
  • knowledge is the greatest tool of human empowerment and that both knowledge and power are sacred. Like pure air, pure water and energizing sun light, true knowledge ought to be free: reusable, revisable, remixable and redistributable as found in the Vedic tradition.
  • against the above background thought, Teachers Day celebration needs to be liberated from merely conventional bouquets, garlands and mementos to recognize and award select outstanding teachers.
  • the dawn of a new era in the Teachers Movement is to be heralded at the higher education sector which would be, as natural as the flow of water and as the light, spreading from the peak to the lower sectors.
  • WE, the WikiEducators of India, that is Bharat, are proud to propose the splendour of the Nation, Bharat Ratna Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam who continues to be the presiding hero of humanism in the hearts of millions in Bharat to proclaim this glorious statement to the teacher community of our Nation.

Jai Hind.

( further, if any, may be added. GCresearcher 14:43, 8 July 2008 (UTC))

Teachers Day to WikiEducators Day: A Movement towards Greater Empowerment.

Here follows the statement drafted for the purpose of Teachers Day celebration in Karnataka.

WE, the teachers of India that is Bharat solemnly observe the Teachers Day to remind ourselves and others about the teacher’s role, rights, responsibilities and the realizable goal of molding culturally refined, scientifically enlightened and spiritually wise citizens ,of the nation building generation.

Like a lamp on the threshold, our role is to lit the past and illumine the future of the generation by leading it from darkness to light and greater delight.

WE take the Oath on this day, the 5th of September 2008, to assert our role and right to own up the responsibilities and avail all rightful means which help fulfilling them.

WE Pledge our allegiance to the Teachers Movement and we abide by our rich and composite culture which gives the highest value for the liberating knowledge and the empowering wisdom.

WE take the VOW to be pro active and to keep moving ahead, onward and forward towards greater empowerment of the teachers of our glorious nation.

WE realize that “A computer literate, internet enabled teacher is better equipped to create nation building generation.”

WE cherish that Teachers Day :2008 heralds the dawn of a new era in the Teachers Movement of Bharat.

WE welcome all teachers to become WikiEducators to enter the free online ocean of open education resource and enjoy E-Learning.

  • Participate, collaborate and partake the digital dividends using free content and open networks.
  • Discover the value and power of L4C Workshop in which you learn how to create 4Rs (reusable, revisable, remixable and redistributable) content by registering at today itself.
  • Approach the Computer Department of your institution and get your E-Mail ID generated in G-Mail and /or Yahoo, if you do not have it already.

Let us prepare to celebrate October 2nd, 2008 as WikiEducators Day.

Dr. Ramakrishnan S.

WikiEducator India Team /Karnataka.

GCresearcher 05:20, 28 July 2008 (UTC)

How the joint statement can be communicated to the Teachers?

Please add your suggestions below on the effective mode for communicating the joint statement to all Teachers in India

...enter your text here...

The annual general body meeting of AMUCT(Association of Mangalore University College Teachers(R) is scheduled on 13th July, 2008. The proposal to include the present matter in the agenda is already e-mailed to the General Secretary. I hope to get positive response from the members in this regard.

Further, the Vice-Chancellors of the UGC recognized Universities may be requested to respond to the joint statement once the action plan is finalized. The office bearers of AIUCTO (All India University College Teachers Organization) may be invited to join this movement of "Teacher Empowerment: Higher Education, 2008." Higher Education may be given priority in the envisaged programme for the current year.

GCresearcher 15:46, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

The State Department of Collegiate Education Website, for example: Karnataka, is the source to get the information regarding the number and details of colleges(Govt.+Aided) in the State. The Website of a given University, for example: Mangalore University, provides the details of all affiliated colleges. An E-Mail ID (G-mail&Yahoo preferred) generation campaign would enable to create a directory for developing WIKIEDUCATOR FORUMS in each college, to begin with the college in which one is serving.

GCresearcher 23:17, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

An all college directory, country wide is available at:

GCresearcher 14:38, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

I have a suggestion to communicate the statement to the teachers working in Gujarat. I am moderating two yahoo groups: namely sueta (Saurashtra University English Teachers Association) and English Language Lab - Coordinators e-group. More tham 250 teachers are associated with these e-groups.You can either send email to; or send email to me at This is great idea and I will try my level best to spread a word about it.

What are the follow up actions required?

Please add your suggestions regarding the follow up actions to be taken after releasing the Joint Statement below

It would be more practical to have regional and local subgroups in different regions, which can have some form of contact. In this connection, I invite Educators from North Region to contact me and plan some collaborative activities.Please leave me a the link provided. [[[Media:]]]--Viv 05:52, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Inauguration of WikiEducators Forum on Teachers Day in the college one is serving or organizing a pilot programme to introduce WikiEducator under the auspices of the Computer Department would be an ideal and practical step towards follow up action. The brochure print-outs can be used for effective communication. L4C workshop tutorial samples may be displayed.

GCresearcher 23:35, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

Statement released jointly by

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