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Deprecated. As of 2013-03-26 no longer accepted new registrations, and the system was turned off in July, 2013.


About the Widget experiment

Today microblogging logo.png
is increasingly being used in online teaching to help learners connect and share their learning experiences with their peers and social learning networks. The OER Foundation and WikiEducator are planning to incorporate a microblogging feature in our new free training initiative on Open Content Licensing 4 Educators. We have embedded a number of microblog activities in the tutorials.

WikiEducator subscribes to free cultural works licensing and all notes posted to are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license which means WikiEducator is free to reuse and embed this content in accordance with our values and policy. Users with Twitter accounts will be able to share their updates with their Twitter friends by using the "Connect" link in to connect their accounts.


How does this work?

The live feed display (on your right) demonstrates how the widget searches and displays all posts on which include the hash tag: "#wikieducator". To post to the feed, you need to:

  • Register an account on, a free service using open source software.
  • Include the hash tag: "#wikieducator" in your post (only if you have nice things to say about WikiEducator :-)

All feedback is welcome. Post to the talk page or main WikiEducator list.


Live feed

Icon preknowledge.gif WikiEducator Feed

Sorry, is no longer available.