In Search of the Myreque

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Begin by talking to Vanstrom Klause in the Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis.


25 Agility, and the ability to defeat level 97 monsters.


Nature Spirit.

What You Need

A Druid Pouch with about 15 or more Nature Harvests, a blessed Silver Sickle, 6 Planks, 225 Steel Nails, a Hammer, a Steel Longsword, 2 Steel Swords, a Steel Dagger, Steel Mace, Steel Warhammer, and about 50gp. Scroll down to the end of the guide to find a 'Fast Quest Walkthrough'.

Getting Started

First log in your runescape accounts then talk to Vanstrom Klause in the northeast corner of the Hair of the Dog Tavern in Canifis. He says that his friends need help, so ask what they need help with. He tells you that they're short of weapons, and that they need a Steel Longsword, 2 Steel Swords, a Steel Dagger, Steel Mace, and a Steel Warhammer. Tell him that you could help him out, and then ask where you need to bring the weapons. He mentions that a boatman in Mort'ton may be able to help you out.

The Hollows

Once you have the Steel weapons that the Myreque need, make your way through the Mort Myre Swamp with your Druid Pouch, Silver Sickle, weapons and other required items. Head to Mort'ton and talk to Cyreg Paddlehorn, found to the southeast of the entrance to the village, near the edge of the town.

At first, he acts like he doesn't know what you're talking about. Say that you guess that they'll just die without their Steel weapons, and then reply to him by choosing the 'resourceful enough to get their own weapons' remark. Then say that the deaths are on his hands if he doesn't help, and then ask him what kind of man he is to say that he doesn't care. He then finally agrees to help.

You'll need a Druid Pouch with Nature Harvests in it (at least 15 to be safe), and a blessed Silver Sickle, as well as 6 Planks, 225 Steel Nails and a Hammer. Give him 3 Planks to fix the 'Swamp Boaty,' try and board it, and then pay him 10gp to cover the loan. After a short boat ride, you'll find yourself in the Hollows.

Now head north until you find a tree that is climbable, and then climb up to find a greatly in-need-of-repair Rope Bridge. You'll need to repair each of the 3 sections that collapse as you attempt to walk across by choosing the 'Repair' option. After repairing each section, climb down the tree and talk to Curpile Foyd, who is nearby and to the north.

The Myreque

Curpile just wants to ask you 3 questions to be sure that you're who you say you are. The following hints (also obtainable by speaking to Cyreg) should help you out: Named the Myreque: 'Hidden in the Myre.' Radigad Ponfit: A Mercenary from Asgarnia. Veliaf (Hurtz): The Leader. Ivan: He's the baby of the group. Sani Piliu: A lovely girl; a bit shady. Harold Evans: A bit hot-headed. Polmafi Ferdygris: The Brains of the operation. Drakens: Family rumored to rule Morytania.

After answering his questions, head north and open the doors leading underground. Head north until you find a Stalagmite hiding a cave entrance, and then try and Squeeze-Past to get inside. First talk to Veliaf, and then introduce yourself to each of the other members, asking a question or 2. Then talk to Veliaf again , when suddenly a shady-looking Mist will appear, which turns out to be Vanstrom Klause!

The Hellhound

Vanstrom will immediately kill Sani and Harold, and then he'll leave his level 97 pet Hellhound to deal with the rest. It will attack you, but it shouldn't be very difficult to defeat. After you kill it, 4 sets of Big Bones will drop, as well as 2 uncut Rubies.

Now talk to Veliaf again and ask him how to get out. He mentions a moveable wall, so leave the room and head further north. Search the wall to find a door, and then climb up the ladder to the north of the room. You'll find yourself just south of the Hair of the Dog Tavern again. Now just talk to the Stranger in the tavern, where you originally spoke to Vanstrom to complete the quest,it will save you a lot of time and runescape gold on power leveling.