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Below you will find links to patient safety websites. Use these links to complete your Treasure Hunt

  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School video Defining Quality (4 minutes, 36 seconds): [1]
  • IHI webpage Across the Chasm: Six Aims for Changing the Health Care System: [2]
  • IHI Open School video Why do Errors Happen, and How Can We Prevent Them (4 minutes, 42 seconds):


  • Slideshow from SlideShare Reducing Medical Error and Increasing Patient Safety, by Richard Smith, editor of the British Medical Journal: (29 slides): [4]
  • IHI website on providing feedback to front-line staff [5]
  • For the patient/consumer perspective, visit Consumers Union Safe Patient Project website: [6] and watch the videos with patient stories (5 videos 2-3 minutes each): [7]
  • IHI Open School video The Future (Challenges in Healthcare) (7 minutes, 8 seconds): [8]
  • World health Organization (WHO) website Safe Surgery Saves Lives, with information on implementing surgical checklists: [9]
  • A great resource book about systems and quality: Quality by Design: a clinical microsystem approach by Eugene C. Nelson, Paul B Batalden, Marjorie M. Godrey (pages 5 and 13 are of particular interest for this class). Explore the book here: [10]
  • IHI Open School video Change Driven From the Bottom Up (1 hour, 12 minutes): [11]
  • A flyer for the Canadian Safety Competencies Framework, in a one page format:


  • "Hurt By Medicine: Patients Talk" audio from Harvard affiliate CRICO/RMF: [13]

For further information on this topic, here are some more articles and videos you might be interested in:

  • IHI White Paper - Engaging Physicians


  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Patient Safety Tools: [15]
  • Here is the entire document, in PDF format for the Canadian Safety Competencies Framework: