Improving Patient Safety Content/Learning Objectives

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Overall Educational Goal: Increase staff and managers knowledge of the role of reporting errors as a patient safety strategy and change the culture and pattern of reporting error.

Course Objectives: Using the form provided, the participant will be able to: 1. Name 2 of the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 6 Aims for Improvement 2. List 2 reasons why a systematic, consistent strategy such as a surgical checklist can improve safety and quality of care 3. Name 4 web resources with information for improving patient care 4. Define “systems issues” in the context of healthcare. 5. Provide your definition of “bottom-up change” 6. Recall on error you were involved in or aware of in the past. List 2 systems factors that might have contributed to that error, or list 2 changes you would make not to prevent others from making a similar error 7. List 1 benefit of providing feedback to staff and managers who report errors and near misses. 8. Provide feedback to WikiEducator page creator with suggestions for improvement of this course.

Using this WikiEducator page, participants will: 1. Review course objectives 2. Review resources provided on the site 3. Using the objectives of the course as a guideline, the participant will conduct a “treasure hunt” to find the answers provided on the form provided