Implication of Theft

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Highly portable devices such as cell phones, PDAs and laptop computers can containing vital and confidential information. Even if the information is not confidential, it could be vital to your work. Losing your contact list or diary will very seriously compromise your business operations.

PDAs, cell phones and laptops usually contain contact lists and diaries. Make sure that copies of these are kept elsewhere. Cell phones and PDAs come with synchronisation software. This software links the device with a personal computer or laptop and updates each of them with the latest data. In other words, if you keep your diary on your PDA, synchronising will automatically update the diary (and contacts) on the PC or laptop. You should make sure that your diary and contact list are on two different devices. These should be kept apart so that they are unlikely to be stolen at the same time. Ideally, you should make backups of these at the end of every day and keep these backups in a safe location.

Although you can at least retain your diary, contacts and files through the use of backups, loss of these can compromise you seriously. If for example, you keep information of your bank and credit cards details on your PDA, cell phone or laptop, a criminal could make use of these if they steal these devices.

Personal information and telephone numbers of friends and business colleagues could make them vulnerable to the activities of criminals.