Iere Government Primary School

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Iere Government Primary School is located in Iere Village, Princes Town in Trinidad. This primary school can boast of many academic and sporting achievements.

Isn't Our School Pretty!!!

Our Motto:

Hard Work Yields Results

Our Curriculum:

Iere Government offers students a wide selection of subjects to cater to the needs of our students. Our Emphasis is on Numeracy and Literacy. Iere Government Primary School provides our children with a broad and practical learning experience which has resulted in an engaging,comprehensive curriculum incorporating:

  • Computer skills across the curriculum
    Computer Lab.jpg
  • Music and library programs
  • Active physical education and interschool sports, including a football and cricket program.
  • Remedial maths and reading.

At Iere Government Primary School, all children receive the care, attention and numerous opportunities which help them learn, broaden their experiences and develop the self-confidence they will need to grow into successful young adults.