Identify and describe specific needs of clients and solutions in tourism situations/Activities/Practical Tasks

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Role Plays

Case Study 1

You are the reservations/tour guide at Speights Brewery and a visitor who has limited mobility has requested information about the tour. Provide information and assistance you feel would benefit your client.

Case Study 2

A client who is blind and travels with a guide dog, wishes to travel to Fiji to enjoy a holiday with friends. Provide information to make her holiday enjoyable.

Case Study 3

Your customer is hearing impaired and wishes to book flights to Auckland and return. Please advise facilities and services available to assist him on his trip.

Case Study 4

Unfortunately your client was involved in an accident and was knocked off her bike and now has to use a wheelchair. Prior to the accident she was planning a trip to Europe with Contiki and would like you to find out if this is still possible. If not, please advise options for your client.


Scenarios with pax with special needs

In each of the following scenarios, describe the specific need of the traveller and two forms of support you could offer both when they first reserve as their travel consultant and then again if you are the customer service agent for the airline when they check-in at the airport

Situation One
Grandad is booking /checking in his 8 year old grandson to travel alone from Dunedin to Christchurch

Situation Two
Pax wanting to travel with guide dog booking/checking in for flight

Situation Three
Your client has a hearing impairment and is travelling from Dunedin to Auckland and transiting Wellington airport.

Situation Four
Pax who has MS and is wheelchair bound flying between Dunedin and Napier

Situation Five
Client who has broken their leg travelling by air to Whangarei

Situation Six
Client who is a vegetarian flying to London