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What is ICT?

Teaching has always been considered as a noble profession. It started with Gurukula's and now has reached an era of smart classes.This has all been possible because of the advancement in science and technology. Nowadays learning has become more easier because of the availability of computer labs and other tools that help make learning easier. ICT based teaching and learning has been included in teacher training courses so that the future teachers have a clear-cut idea about how to make teaching more interesting and lively using the available tools. The usual method was the lecture method where the teacher used to come to classroom and explain the whole concept that needs to be introduced to the children, a completely teacher-centric type of learning. But some of the educationists felt the need to shift the education system to a more lively, student friendly and burden free one where the students had the freedom to explore and put forward their idea. It is said that we should change and adapt to the changes around us to survive. If that's the case then we have to shift to generation of tools and inter. The use of power point presentations, videos,sowing pictures, taking students on a virtual field trip have all the more made teaching much easier and joyful. It has shown to reduce the work load of teacher as well as students. Things which were earlier difficult or unavailable to be shown are just at the reach of a click. For example if the teacher wants to how digestion takes place in humans she/he can show a video which clearly indicates where the food goes mouth and the how,what,or the why type of questions that may follow. If a teacher wants to show the topography and the aerial view various places that may be of importance for the students teaching and learning then she/he can take them on a virtual field trip. Teaching is much easier and better with ICT.