Iced Tea in Crete 2012:Scala and JEE

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Scala and JEE
Convenor: Kasimir and Ant Kutschera
  • Ant
  • Elizabeth
  • Aleksander
  • Sofia
  • James
  • Tassos
  • John
  • Ignasi
  • ...
  • Ant presents a summary of several tests and findings integrating Scala and JEE
    • EJB Beans in Scala only if @LocalBean annotated
    • JSF also possible with some issues (use @BeanProperty because Scala don't support java beans spec)
  • Ant presents a summary of useful features in Scala
    • parallel collections built-in
    • XML also presented as powerful and part of main API (Elizabeth present some examples of production code)
    • Scala is a powerful tool to create your own DSLs.
    • reduce() is a particular case of foldLeft()
    • case classes (or classes on steroids) allow matching and come with equals, hashCode, toString, are immutable and don't require 'new' to be constructed.

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    • Part of the learning process required lots of decompiling. Scala compiles into Java and may turn your classes into subclasses or implementations of stuff without you knowing.
    • JPA annotations presented few issues. All JPA annotations redefined as a work-around
    • Beware of ORM-related issues when manipulating collections from several thread (transaction, laziness, ...)

Slides were uploaded to: [1]