Iced Tea in Crete 2012:Lean Software Development

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Lean Software Development
Convenor: Dmitry Vyazelenko
  • Rabea
  • Kerstin
  • Dmitry

In this session we were talking about Lean Software Development.

Dmitry's presentation was based on 3 fantastic books by Mary and Tom Poppendieck (see Recommendations). And he tried to explain in short 1 hour session what are the core principles behind Lean Software Development and give a historical overview how Lean came into being. But main point of the talk was to show that Lean is a set of principles rather than tool/methodology and to convince people that these plain obvious ideas are worth looking into closer!

For the reference here is the list of Lean principles:

  1. Eliminate Waste
  2. Build Quality In
  3. Create Knowledge
  4. Defer Commitment
  5. Deliver Fast
  6. Respect People
  7. Optimize the Whole

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I highly recommend Lean software development books by Mary and Tom Poppendieck: