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IDEs, plugins etc.
Convenor: Rabea and John

Add your name below if you were there:

  • Rabea
  • John
  • Jasper
  • ...

Eclipse RCP, RAP, Tabris

You can develop a Desktop Application with RCP, web-application with RAP and mobile application with Tabris (iOS + Android native and Ajax enabled web-browser for others) and share the same source-code for all of them (single-sourcing). It's based on the SWT Framework which is easy to learn if you know Swing. You will need two different workspaces because you need two target platforms for RCP and RAP/Tabris. These workspaces will share the plugins which hold the application logic and will be extended by different platform specific entry points. It's possible to cluster RAP application on an application server to have good performance.

You can get the Tabris Client for Android from the Play store. It has demo applications to play around with.

I will upload the eclipse projects I did use.

Writing a Plug-In for Eclipse

Ask Rabea for instructions on how to do it.

Fixing a bug in Eclipse

Ask Rabea for instructions on how to do it.

NetBeans Rich Client Platform

A hands on presentation teaching you how to migrate a Swing application to NetBeans RCP. Prerequisites:


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