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For a normal conference, we want people with strong organizational skills to drive the event forward. For the Open Spaces conference, the participants are driving the event. Thus the name - Disorganizers instead of Organizers

So far, we have the following helpers:

Kim and Kate Tucker - disorganizational experts from Switzerland. Besides being a keen tri-athlete/runner, Kim has also been a free software and libre knowledge activist. Kate is an accomplished catalyst and facilitator, author of inter alia one book and several articles on coaching and mentoring.

Kirk Pepperdine - Kirk has run dozens of training courses and is a regular speaker at conferences. Kirk loves Crete and will make sure that we all have a great time.

John Kostaras - John was the inspiration to run a Java conference here on Crete and is in charge of excursions.

Heinz Kabutz - Heinz has run over a hundred Java courses around the world with thousands of participants. Heinz lives 2km from the hotel where the roundup will be held.


  • Tea boy - Heinz
  • Catalysts/facilitators - Kim, Kate, John, Kirk
    • keep the energy and knowledge flowing
    • end-of-day and next-day wrap up and preparation
  • Wiki Master - Kim
  • Tours, walks - John
  • Coding - Kirk
  • Defining and assigning of tasks - Kirk
  • Infrastructure support - Heinz
  • PR - Heinz, Kirk, ?
  • Scribes[1] - volunteer(s) in each session (to capture proceedings - wiki text and other media).
    • Roaming scribe: photograph flipcharts etc. and upload, ensure each group has an active scribe (updating the wiki).
    • Rapporteurs (where applicable) - volunteer(s) in each session.

Touching Base

  • Disorganisers to touch base each day routinely at the end of each day's proceedings and/or before breakfast and/or as required.

Responsibilites of convenors of topics

Convenor responsibilities

If you propose a topic you are also taking responsibility to:

  • Write the post-it with
    • Topic title
    • Your name (as convenor)
    • Activity type (e.g. discussion, coding, debate, ...)
  • Ensure that the discussion (or other activity) happens at the allocated venue
    • Stick an A4 with your topic name on the door of the room as you go in to start your session.
  • Ensure that relevant outputs are produced and shared via the space-time matrix or the outputs page.

  1. Update: NB Make it very clear to convenors of sessions that they are responsible to ensure the discussion is captured.