Iced Tea in Crete 2012:Building custom profiles

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Building custom profiles
Convenor: Kirk
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Kirk Pepperdine explained some benefits of writing custom profilers to be able to extract the most relevant information out of the profiler with minimal impact on the system. Kirk demonstrated a "conditional thread dumper" as an example for such an custom profiler.

Thomas Darimont demonstrated the Hotspot Debugger (HSDB) which ships with the latest Versions of JDK 6 / JDK 7.


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  • Read the article HotSpot's Hidden Treasure - Java Magazine

Tools which leverage the features of the HotSpots Serviceability Agent - like Hotspot Debugger HSDB (July/August 2012)

  • Play with the code examples of "Mit Debugger interne HotSpot JVM Informationen auslesen in Java 7" - Article in German -> Examples are in english ( - March 2012)

  • For further reading: The HotSpot™ Serviceability Agent: An out-of-process high level debugger for a Java™ virtual machine