Iced Tea in Crete 2012:Adopt a JSR or JCP

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Adopt a JSR or JCP
Convenor: Kon Soulianidis, James Gough
  • Maz
  • Andrew Hamilton
  • Stylianos (Stelios) Ntilis
  • Kerstin
  • Sofia Georgiakaki
  • Richard
  • James Gough
  • Rabea Gransberger
  • James S.
  • ...

Experience reports from members of London and Melbourne Java Communities.

Some Discussion Points

Do Different Kinds of Activities:

  • informal monthly meetups at a pub which make it easy for not-yet-members to get into contact with the community; there is usually a theme for the evening and some Java topics are usually discussed, but there are no presentations/talks (possibly lightning talks)
  • yearly Open Spaces Conferences
  • online chats via
  • coding dojos/hackathons

Make it Easy for Others to Join:

  • have greeters at events, which welcome newcomers and introduce them to how things work at the event, help them get to the right place/talk
  • informal meetups (see above)
  • lightning talks may be a good intro to get newcomers to eventually become presenters
  • graduate community: mentor students ("speed mentoring");


  • not a single manager, but a steering/core group, which organise


  • create win-win situations: example: use facilities of a training provider to do more formal evening events/talks; the facilities are normally unused in the evenings; the training provider can in this way show his facilities/training program to a possibly interested technical public
  • provide training material created for events to interested sponsors
  • publish in Java Magazine

Problems with Recruiters:

  • recruiters are welcome to come and learn about the area they are recruiting in
  • actual recruiting activities will be blocked (e.g. attempts to recruit via mailing lists will get recruiter excluded from list)

Legal Issues:

  • when working with sponsors and publishing through them watch out for legal issues (e.g. copyrights/disclaimers/non-disclosures to be signed)

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