Ice Breaker Lesson Plan Example

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Lesson Plan

Objective: The students will be able to introduce themselves, introduce others and talk about likes and dislikes.

Activity 1: Program

1. Teacher will hand in the program of the semester.
2. Teacher will ask students to read the program aloud.
3. Students can ask for doubts and questions they have related to methodology, evaluation, etc.
Time: 10 minutes

Activity 2: True/False

1. Teacher will write 3 sentences about him/herself.
2. Students will guess which sentence is true about the teacher.
3. Students will write 3 sentences and read aloud to the whole class.
4. Students will guess in groups which are true and which are false.
Time: 20 minutes

Activity 3: M & Ms

1. Teacher will hand out 3 pieces of M & Ms to the students.
2. Teacher will write on the board the colors of the M&Ms and a topic. For example: red is sports, blue is music, green is food, yellow is movies, etc.
3. Students will introduce themselves by saying their name and talk about the topics or “colors” they have.
Time: 20 minutes