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The project aims to embed learning modules into pre-service education degrees to meet the needs of both domestic and international students by enhancing their capacity to produce, transfer and engage with internationalising knowledge.

This will be achieved by a network of universities developing a shared learning framework for the delivery of sociology of education units based on the pedagogy of production, transfer and exchange of international knowledge between domestic and international, regional and urban students. The network will facilitate institutional pairing arrangements for course delivery and will be designed to allow new organisations to easily join and be sustainable after the end of the grant period.

During the course of the project potential new network members such as Australian and international universities and Australian and international professional teaching associations will be actively sought.

In the medium to longer term, this project also aims to:

  • expand the model learning design and resources to make it relevant for in-service teacher development as either professional development short courses or more formally through postgraduate studies; and
  • research the medium- and long-term impact of the program on graduates after one or two years of teaching practice.