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This wiki space has been created to allow for co-construction by staff of the curriculum and related issues. All staff should feel free to add to the topics in this wiki in order to provide greater clarity about what we do and why.

The site will also act as a repository for documentation of the curriculum as we view it and will also provide a public display of what we are trying to achieve.

The purposes of this wiki space is to:

  1. State our purpose as a school
  2. Describe our philosophy on curriculum, teaching and learning, and, assessment and reporting
  3. Articulate our understanding of what the NZNC means for us
  4. Set out the implications of the NZNC for practice
  5. Confirm our commitment to implementing the New Zealand National Curriculum (NZNC)
  6. Describe the basis upon which we organize to implement the NZNC
  7. Outline our approach to annual and other planning

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