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Input Device

An Input Device allows users to enter data and programs into a computer in different ways. The most common input devices are mouse and keyboard.

Some of the Input devices are as follows:

  • Touchscreen

This is a special monitor where th user can touch the screen with his finger to select an option.

  • Graphics Tablets

These are commonly used by artists and designers. They have to use a special pen called Stylus.

  • Scanner

A Scanner can be used to input printed text and pictures into a computer.

  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Reader

Optical Character Recognition is the process where a scanner can be used with special software that can convert printed characters into computer data.

  • Barcode Reader

Barcode readers are used to read the barcode found on items in a supermarket or hypermarket.

  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition(MICR) Reader

MICR Reader reads magnetic ink characters found in bank cheques.

  • Optical Mark Recognition(OMR) Reader

OMR Readers use light to detect pencil marks. They are usually used to mark multiple choice answer sheets.

  • Joystick

This is mostly used for playing games.