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I can provide evidence of
  • Using a laptop in lesson preparation
  • Ensuring all files are nested in folders (folders within folders) which are located in ‘My Documents’
  • Understand how the backup system works and always ensure that work is backed up
  • Connecting the Laptop to external media e.g. Data Projectors, speakers etc.

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Using a laptop in lesson presentation

Click on the discussion tab at the top of this page. Give an example of where you have used your laptop in preparing a lesson.

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Key points
Files and Folders

When you save a document it is stored on your computer. It is a good idea to have some sort of system for saving your documents, otherwise you will very quickly have a very long list of files and you may find it difficult to locate the file that you want. Generally, we store these files in folders. The hierarchy that is used is usually as follows:

  • Drive (e.g. G Drive)
  • Directory or Folder (e.g. G:/My documents)
  • Sub-directory or sub-folder (e.g. G:/My documents/My Pictures)
  • File (e.g. G:/My documents/My Pictures/Dog.jpg)

For more details on how to save a document and move files between folders click here