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WikiProject: A Survey of ICT in Education in India and South Asia

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A detailed Task list containing the activities, deliverables, and the proposed methodology for undertaking each activity, under different phases is outlined below:

Phase 1: Design

Task No. Task Details Methodology
1.1 Create a Stakeholder Database
  • Concerned Government Officials in all 8 countries
  • Regional Government Officials in select states of India & Pakistan
  • International NGOs in all 8 countries
  • Local active NGOs/CSOs
  • Education Experts, Practitioners (In ICT specifically) in all 8 countries
  • Private Sector service providers/content developers
  • All other relevant organizations/individuals
Secondary research, telephone calls, experts, networking, inputs from regional coordinators
1.2 Finalize Wiki Profile for the Project
  • A Wiki profile of the project may be created, adding all possible information, creating a Bibliography of sources under different sections and inviting participation. Alternatively a Blog could also be created with a link from the InfoDev website.

Create Bibliography of Resources (continuous process)

  • Create a bibliography of all relevant resources-white papers, documents, research papers, concept notes, websites etc, which will be part of the Wiki profile.
Prepare, populate and update site - all members of the team to post generously

Bibliography to contain information with proper referencing of all documents/ resources used/referred to

1.3 Finalize detailed Work Plan, Communication Plan with Key Stakeholders & Inception Report Discussion with client, experts, internal resource deployment plan
1.4 Prepare for Stakeholder Workshop
  • Finalize participants/invitees
  • Send out invitations
  • Prepare agenda, background documents
Secondary research, experts’ inputs
1.5 Kickoff Workshop
  • Validate Project Charter, Key Project assumptions/risks
  • Validate detailed Work Plan
  • Validate Communication Plan with key internal and external stakeholders
Workshop to be conducted in Delhi/Video Conference
1.6 Identification of Key Issues, themes for essays
  • Identify themes and validate them through internal experts. Present them at stakeholder workshop to finalize them.
  • Provide research support to experts, who will author some essays
Secondary research, consultation with experts and local coordinators
1.7 Design interview plan/ questionnaire for key persons to be interviewed
  • Create basic format for information required from different categories of stakeholders. Research for each essay theme selected would require a customized series of questions for stakeholders we tap for information on that theme
Face to face or telephonic interviews, in some cases questionnaire may be emailed? Or mailed?
1.8 Conceptualize Country Reports
  • Finalize country reports structure, Table of Contents
Consultation with experts, secondary research
1.9 Finalize plan for sub national level case studies in India & Pakistan
  • Conceptualize case study for each state/region. Major topics- finalize Table of Contents.
Consultation with experts, secondary research
1.10 Conduct Stakeholder Workshop
  • Prepare background documents & Agenda for Workshop
  • Validate essay themes
  • Validate State level survey plan, country report structure
  • Identify issues not addressed so far, capture requirement, feedback from wiki site
Day long workshop to be held in Delhi

Phase 2: Execute

Task No. Task Details Methodology
2.1 Finalize themes and Prepare Essays
  • Allocate themes to resources for developing essays
  • Provide research support to experts for the same

Subjects for Essays to be prepared:

1. Policy framework for ICT in Education

2. Capacity building for ICT in Education

  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Training of Teachers, Students
  • Financing ICT in Education (funding patterns including PPP, give examples)

3. ICT in School Education (Primary & Secondary)

  • Key trends
  • Major Initiatives
  • Constraints & enabling features

4. CT in Non Formal Education, Vocational Education

5. Gender Equity & the use of ICT in Education

6. Constraints and Opportunities for ICT in Education in India &South Asia

Secondary research, discussions with experts, stakeholders
2.2 Background research for each of the 8 countries on key socio economic indicators, Education, ICT facts
  • Data on socio economic indicators: demography, economy, enrolment in School, University, current education Infrastructure (no of schools colleges, universities, teachers, etc), ICT penetration (computers/internet)
Secondary research, meeting with Government officials and other stakeholders to get the updated information
2.3 Research on Policy Framework and delivery structures for Education for the 8 countries
  • Policy formulations/articulations on use of ICT in Education at various levels for all 8 countries.
  • Delivery structures for education, education administration, school, university system, distance education, non formal & technical educatio
Secondary research, meeting with Government officials and other stakeholders to get the latest figures
2.4 Research/Profiling of Major ICT Initiatives in Education for the region & individual countries
  • Database of major initiatives in all 8 countries. Develop a profile format for capturing information on initiatives
Secondary research, talking to key initiative leaders- face to face, telephone, verifying with experts to check if obvious key initiatives are captured
2.5 Prepare Country Reports for all 8 countries
  • Authors to prepare individual country reports
  • Research support to authors, data on basic socio economic indicators and major initiatives to be used here
  • Issues and Constraints
Workshop to be conducted in Delhi/Video Conference
2.6 Prepare state level Case Studies for India & Pakistan Visit state, interaction with officials, and key civil societies, experts, secondary research. Leverage PwC state offices in India and PwC Pakistan

Case Studies for India to be prepared for the following 5 States:

  • Delhi
  • Punjab
  • Gujarat
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka

For preparing Case Studies for Pakistan, three Provinces are yet to be selected

Phase 3: Report

Task No. Task Details Methodology
3.1 Prepare Interim Survey Report
  • Compile all essays on major themes
  • Compile Major Initiatives summary
  • Finalize Interim Report
  • Submit Interim Report
3.2 Prepare Interim Country reports
  • Compile all major country reports
  • Compile state/province case studies from India & Pakistan
  • Finalize Interim Country Report
  • Submit Interim Country Report
3.3 Finalize and submit database of all stakeholders consulted
3.4 Finalize and submit Bibliography of all resources, references
3.5 Based on feedback from InfoDev prepare Draft Survey Report, Draft Country Reports
3.6 Review Workshop
  • Prepare Agenda, decide on participants
  • Collect feedback from Workshop on the Draft Reports
Workshop to be conducted in Delhi, with representation from all major stakeholder groups
3.6 Submit Final Survey Report & Country Reports
  • Revise Draft Reports based on feedback from Review Workshop
  • Submit Final Report & Country Reports

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