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NepalFlag.gif Information Technology Policy, Nepal

The Government of Nepal is dedicated to successfully integrating information and communication technology (ICT) into a viable policy framework, to increasing access to ICT and employment opportunities for the general public, to transforming Nepal into a knowledge-based society and to creating ICT-based industry.

Policy Date: January 1, 2000


  1. Private Sector Infrastructure Development: This section is unclear as to the extent of participation allowed. It is noted that ICT policy shall be utilised to create an atmosphere conducive to attracting investment in the private sector.
  2. Infrastructure Development: The Government of Nepal commits itself to creating an information super-highway via a broadband network, an IT multi-media park, and the necessary accompanying telecommunications and electrical services.
  3. Human Resources Development: The Government of Nepal is dedicating itself to addressing ICT in educational institutions at all levels. The strategy will involve compulsory phased IT interventions for teachers and students via public and private initiatives in both public and private institutions.
  4. Dissemination of IT: To fulfil its vision for ICT development, the Government of Nepal wishes to expand the use of and access to ICT within education, health and governmental services. This plan intends to expand services for rural and urban centres. The Government of Nepal intends to use the expanded ICT access to link rural communities with the educational, health and governmental services via the internet.
  5. E-Commerce: The Government of Nepal is dedicated to creating and promoting an appropriate environment for initiating and expanding e-Commerce initiatives and opportunities, through a combination of tax incentives and legislative processes. The purpose of these processes is to protect and meet local and international standards of conduct for ICT, in banking and cultural material, including intellectual property rights.
  6. Governance: A governing body called the National Information Technology Development Council (NITC) will be created by the Government of Nepal to oversee and direct ICT policy and initiatives. The National Information Technology Centre will be created to act as the functionary outlet for regulatory controls of ICT creation, use and distribution.
  7. Legislation: As mentioned above, the Government of Nepal intends to create a suitable and hospitable legal environment for the development and use of ICT material and processes to meet domestic and international standards. A specific provision is made for the review and amendment of legislation every two years.

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Asia globe.gif Regional Initiatives

Formal Education

Organisation Programme Link
1. Asian Development Bank Teacher Education project http://pid.adb.org/pid/LoanView.htm?projNo=32236&seqNo=01&typeCd=3
2. OLE in cooperation with Nepal’s National Center for Educational Development Open Learning Exchange (OLE) http://www.olenepal.org/
3. ICT Project 2000 http://www.unescobkk.org/education/ict/themes/teaching-learning/ict-in-primary-secondary-education/regional-country-overview/nepal/

Non-Formal Education

Organisation Programme Link
1. Radio Sagarmatha Radio Sagarmatha http://www.radiosagarmatha.org/
2. Winrock International, Nepal with the help of USAID Rural Information Centre http://www.telecenters.org.np/en/telecenters.htm

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