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MaldivesFlag.gif National Policy on ICT in School Education

The Government of Maldives positively views the impact and the potential benefits of IT in a rapidly growing country like Maldives. Hence this Ministry is mandated with such issues as IT policy formulation, IT management, strategic IT planning, formulating IT standards and improving public sector service delivery through IT.

The Ministry has compiled a Science and Technology Masterplan. The section dealing with IT in the Masterplan gives priority to issues such as formulating community-owned Telecentres, formulating a National IT policy along with strategies and an action plan, laying out the Government Network of Maldives (GNM) to connect all the public sector organisations in the capital, Male’, forming National Computer Centre as a support structure for GNM and to over-see the implementation of IT policy and define IT standards.

With the Assistance of UNDP, MCST (Ministry of Communication Science and Technology) plans to run a project to develop the national IT policies and strategies. This will be very much a consultative process with the government agencies, private sector and the island communities.

The national ICT policy will be to ensure the maximization of the potentials of ICT by providing over-arching policies, incentives and legislative to promote through the country so that people in the Maldives can have better access to various opportunities in all aspects of life such as health, education, administration, business, to say nothing of communication etc.

Link Science and Technology Masterplan


Asia globe.gif Regional Initiatives

Formal Education

Organisation Programme Link
1. Educational Development Centre Teacher Resource Center http://edconline.edu.mv/
2. Ministry of Education & The Commonwealth of Learning Virtual University for Small States http://www.minivannews.com/news_detail.php?id=6796

Non-Formal Education

Organisation Programme Link
1. Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology Multipurpose Community Telecenter (MCT) http://www.mcst.gov.mv/ITD/mct.htm

Content Development

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Missiridia Universal information symbol.svg Other Relavent Links

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