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  • Design and development of an online professional development workshop “Performance Management", for 3,000 uOttawa employees. Surveyed stakeholder groups to increase engagement and buy-in.
  • Evaluation of CODL online course development, including ‘train-the-trainer’ and course evaluation.
  • Conducted a baseline review of appropriate learning technologies (including BlackBoard), training costs, planning and maintenance.
  • Conducted an operational review of the distance education functions and needs assessment of the Ontario Nurse Practitioner Program and Consortium (9 universities) Program. Activities included:
  • evaluating value for money of the distance eduation / online learning components of the program;
  • recommended $120K in net program savings
  • recommending optimal use of distance education technologies and content/learning management system to to achieve optimal teaching/learning outcomes; and,
  • recommending industry standards/best practices for the program’s distance education delivery components

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