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Welcome to COL-SUCAPRI IAR4D Content Development Portal

The 1st module is IAR4D. We can begin with the definition. What is IAR4D. In order for us to define IAR4D I have provide some materials regarding the things that the researchers using IAR4D approach need to do differently under IAR4D in practice are summarized below.

  1. Researchers together with farmers and stakeholders continuously assess and prioritise needs, opportunities and identify a high-quality research demand
  2. Researchers pro-actively seek and strengthen partnerships, collaboration and networking to increase plurality in research
  3. Researchers develop flexible and dynamic research agendas responding to stakeholders’ demands while integrally incorporating market-focus, sustainable natural resource management and food security, interdisciplinarity and social differentiation
  4. Researchers engage with farmers and other stakeholders in participatory research processes as a major approach responding to demand and build joint ownership and accountability to the clients and local authorities
  5. Researchers engage with farmers and other stakeholders in integrated natural resource management as a foundation for market-oriented agriculture
  6. Researchers integrate market research with a focus on market chain integration into all research work
  7. Researchers engage into policy research in the context of market chain integration, NRM and food security
  8. Researchers ensure the availability of technologies to a wide array of stakeholders and users
  9. Researchers support private sector, and other clients through information, training, facilitation, backstopping and skill building in production, marketing, value adding
  10. Researchers are continuously improving their strategy and approaches to enhance commercialization of agriculture towards marketing and exports
  11. Researchers monitor the impact of their and others intervention on a differentiated clientele and use the results to inform the process and adapt/re-plan their intervention
  12. Researchers and management regularly assess their competence and continuously seek to improve it in response to emerging challenges and demands
  13. Research management develops and implements strategies for attracting and retaining high quality and performing staff

The following are the lessons developed as part of the overall IAR4D Content Development Pilot project.

  1. Regoverning Markets
  2. Kenyatta University COL SUCAPRI Content
  3. JKUAT COL-SUCAPRI Workshop Content
  4. Microbiology