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Performance Appraisal / Evaluation

Employee Name; Program / Department: Review Type:

  • Probationary
  • Annual
  • Internship
  • Other (please specify)

(Comment.gif: Employee completes the sections below. Then, his/her comments are reviewed by his / her manager, and discussed / debriefed accordingly)

Performance Categories

  • Unsatisfactory
  • Requires development
  • Meets Performance Objectives

Team Work

  • Participates in the team - cooperative, consultative, reliable, supportive, respectful
  • Demonstrates good working relationships
  • Enhances a positive work environment, acknowledges the work of others
  • Relates positively to direction and feedback
  • Follows accepted departmental procedures

Communication (orally and in writing)

  • Shares information, listens well, encourages dialogue, respects opinions, is non-judgmental
  • Communicates in a professional manner
  • Communication in line (top up/bottom down) and across (same label)

Valuing Diversity

  • Interacts appropriately and treats with dignity and respect for all members of the organisation and all clients served, regardles of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, size difference, class, and ability
  • Helps to create a hospitable and inclusive environment

Problem-Solving, Judgment and Decision-Making

  • Solves problems, uses sound judgment and makes decisions - independently and in teams as appropriate

Productivity and Time Management

  • Plans, meets deadlines, demonstrates organisational skills
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently and/or with minimal supervision
  • Utilises time and resources effectively
  • Attends work regularly and arrives at work on time (takeing into consideration flexible arrangements and adheres to break schedules)


  • Is innovative, self-directed and resourceful
  • Initiates and promotes new ideas and improved working methods


  • Demonstrates ability and willingness and adapt to change

Commitment to Clients, Colleages, Programme and Organisation

  • How have you contributed and demonstrated commitment to our clients, colleagues, partners, volunteers, programmes and the organisation?


  • Knowledge of issues, rules, processes and policies related to functional area, and ability to liaise with government / departments / stakeholders
  • Knowledge of, and ability to liaise with community resources, programmes and services to facilitate client access
  • Research skills (Internet, department, government resources)


  • Computer - Ms Word, Open Office, Powerpoint, Email, Access (database)
  • Prepares reports and maintains records
  • File Management
  • Knowledge and ability to assist clients in filling out relevant forms
  • Ability to write business correspondence

Service Linking and Bridging

  • Develops broad network of contacts to facilitate clients' access to services
  • Acts as broker between clients and other service providers
  • Assists with form filling, translations, interprestations and cross-cultural communication

Controbutes to programme, resource and / or sectoral development

Working with Clients / Client Service

  • Establishing rapport
  • Using empathetic listening skills
  • Being sensitive to client needs
  • Respecting and maintaining confidentiality
  • Motivating client to action
  • Modelling positive attitutde
  • ability to defuse anger / deal with difficult clients


  • Group presentation and facilitation skills
  • Knowledge of presentation materials and equipment
  • Acts as a resource for community and the organisation

Supervisor-Employee Discussion & Debrief

1. Performance Goals (if applicable)

  • An outline of the goals that are set for specific performance achievements

2. Career Plan (if applicable)

  • An outline of the employee's career development plan (with timelines)

3. Professional Development & Training

  • An outline of the professional development and training that, in most cases, relates to the Performance Goals and Career Development Plan outlined above

4. Job Description

  • Is the job description for this position up-to-date, and does it accurately reflect the tasks of the job?
    • Yes
    • No

5. Supervisor's Comments and Signature

  • Title
  • Signature
  • Date

6. Employee's Comments and Signature

  • Confirming that performance review has take place, that you agree (check box); or that you do not agree (check box), If you do not agree, you will have an opportunity to discusss this with your Senior Manager).
  • Title
  • Signature
  • Date

7. Reviewing Senior Manager's Comments and Signature

  • Title
  • Signature
  • Date

8. Executive Director's Comments and Signature

  • Title
  • Signature
  • Date