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The purpose of this resource is to help you prepare for an Elluminate session. This is an introductory resource to help participants get started and does not deal with advanced features. This resource covers:
  • What you need to join an Elluminate session.
  • What you should do before a scheduled Elluminate session
  • How to login for an Elluminate session (join 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time)
  • How to set your audio and microphone settings.
  • A few features you will use during your session.

What is Elluminate?

Elluminate Live is proprietary web conferencing software which enables facilitators and participants to connect and interact with audio, video and text over the web using a web-browser. This corporate promotional video provides and overview of the system.

What do you need to join an Elluminate session?

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Key points
You will need the following to join an Elluminate session:
  • The web address for your scheduled session (your facilitator / instructor will provide this).
  • Internet connection
  • Web browser software installed, (For example, Firefox (free and open source software), Google Chrome (branded open source software), Internet Explorer or Safari).
  • Headphones, if you are in a room with other users (A headset with integrated headphones and microphone are recommended, but not essential.)
  • Microphone, if you wish to speak. Otherwise, you can communicate with instant text "chat" that is part of the Elluminate program. (Using headphones is also highly recommended to reduce echo and feedback.)
  • Audio speakers - if more than one person is watching and listening.
  • Java software installed on your machine (free download available). We recommend that you test to see if you have Java installed before your scheduled session.

A few days (or hours) before your scheduled Elluminate session

If you haven't attended an Elluminate session before, we recommend that you attempt to log in to your scheduled meeting room a few days, or at least a few hours before the scheduled session to make sure that your computer hardware, network and firewall policies at your institution allows you to download and operate the software. Follow the instructions on screen once you log into the meeting room.

If you don't have Java installed, you may need to download and install the software. If you plan to use a computer at your institution, you may find that your organisation's firewall and access policies prevent you from downloading the software or using voice technologies on your network. So it is important that you check this out with your IT department beforehand.

Joining the meeting -- be early

We recommended that you log on at least 10-15 minutes early so you can setup your audio properly and familiarise yourself with the environment. Note that depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a few minutes to download the software used to run the session.

Log in to your meeting room

To join the meeting, all you have to do is click on the URL or link that your facilitator or instructor has provided. This will take you to the login page for your session.

You do not need a password - Use the "guest" option and just type your own name where it says "Display Name".


(Note: If you are using Firefox on Linux and receive an error saying "DynamicProxyManager: Invalid Proxy Type", then you will need to reconfigure your Firefox proxy settings. This is easier than it sounds, and a quick note on how to do this is here.)

It may take a few minutes for the necessary software to download. Follow the instructions on screen and make sure you select the "open with" option. Click OK and Wait for the download to finish. The meeting room should launch automatically when the download is finished.


Configure your audio settings

The next step is to configure your audio settings. It is best to do this before the meeting starts. After the meeting room has launched (see screen below) choose the following menu options:

Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard and follow the instructions on screen or download these instructions provided by Elluminate Live.

Familiarise yourself with the interface

There are three things you need to know to participate in the meeting:

  • Raising your hand if you want to speak
  • Typing messages in the text chat box - hit enter to post your message to the group attending the session.
  • Activating your microphone (you must click on the microphone button to speak after your facilitator has given you the go ahead to speak).


This resource has been adapted from guidelines developed by Sarah Stewart.