How to teach reading to underpriviledged children

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This method came about when parents of children living in my community asked me to help teach and help little children how to read.Other parents just wanted help for their children who were already in school but still could'nt read. This is because of the new reform in the Education System where elementary education starts off in the native dialect, common dialect or in TOK PISIN.By the time the children got to grade grade 4 and 5 most still couln't read.One big problem for all of us (the parrents and myself) was resources, funding and time.Resourses and funding was something the parents didn't have because most of them are low income earners and are not educated themselves.I did'nt have the time except on weekends and on holidays.This is how our little group of children (now 20 altogether )of whom some are just in prep and some never attended school are now learning to read.The lessons I use is very simple and I am still trying to improve.

\\\OBJECTIVES : By the end of term 1 and 2 Students should know , understand and use correctly