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The Blogging Handbook
"Blogging isn't just about writing posts, it is about getting out and reading other blogs and leaving comments and joining discussions..." Sarah Stewart, Otago Polytechnic

This is a handbook for beginners and experts! You will find a range of activities in each section listed in the navigation box to the right. You don't have to use them all! They're just a collection of activities for all sorts of people. Just browse the sections and pick up the activities you think you could use in the time you have available. Keep coming back; new activities are always being added. If you like, make a collection of the ones you think will make a good course. You can use the print to pdf tool on the left navigation that will help you make your own collection of activities.

If you know of lesson plans or activities that you think would be useful here, please feel free to add one, or share us a link on the discussion page.
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