How can Brain Injury being prevented?

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The studies in respect to Brain Injury and Motor Vehicle Accidents all come to a general collision. There are about four
different prevention methods in regards to Brain Injuries and Motor Vehicle Accidents. They are as follows:
1) Wearing Seatbelt: Many studies have shown that by wearing a seatbelt you will help reduce your risk of injury or
prevent serious injury when injured in a MVA. Since it has become law in many provinces to wear seatbelts, statistics have
shown that there has been a reduction in the number of serious injuries.
2) Airbags:Studies are also showing that individuals who have been in an accident and are wearing their seatbelt and have
airbags in their car; are less likely to suffer as serious of harm as those who do not. Airbags have proven effective in reducing the
number of serious injuries and in helping prevent TBI.
3) DRIVE SAFELY:The majority of the accidents are caused by weather conditions, poor roads and poor drivers.
Studies are also showing that MVA’s can be prevented by safer driving, less road rage and better road conditions.
4)DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE: One of the leading causes of MVA which result in TBI’s are drinking and driving.
If our laws are stricter on drinking and driving and there are less people drinking and driving, then there would be less
accidents on the road and less TBI as a result of MVA’s.
MVA’s are not entirely preventable, individuals are able to do their own part in preventing MVA’s by not drinking and driving,
by driving safely and being careful on the road. One can also be proactive and ensure that they wear their seatbelt and have airbags
in their car. We must remember though that these are only measures to help prevent TBI from MVA’s and are not a solution and one cannot
predict what other drivers are going to do or what state of condition other drivers will be in.