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Newbie or Old-Hand, every once in awhile you're likely to come across a page or template and wonder how to use it in your own area effectively. This area was set up as a way of demonstrating how to use the various templates and slick features in one place. Please feel free to add your own instructions for use of templates, styles, or just neat ways of getting the best out of wikieducator!

Formatting Pages

Following are instructions for some of the style and formatting features and templates available:

Contents (aka TOC, Index)

A contents box will appear on your page once you have more than four headings. To add headings to a page, use the equals sign immediately in front of and after the wording of your heading. The more equals signs, the lower the heading (eg, 1 in front and 1 behind will result in a large heading, two in front and two behind an first subheading etc).