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To show evidence of Reception terms and a good understanding of the reception process and procedures.


Please answer the questions below, ensure you print your name on each page and your work must be word processed.

Your assignment is due in the Diploma of Applied Travel and Tourism assignment box by 12.00pm on Thursday 10 September.


1. Describe why the following skills and attributes are important for a hotel reception position.  Provide an example for each;
• Pleasant telephone manner
• Patience
• Honesty
• Excellent personal grooming

2. If you were building a new hotel in a beach resort location, explain how the hotel’s location will affect the staffing of your hotel.

3. Explain the meaning of the following terms in your own words to show your understanding;

• Overbooking
• Occupancy
• 6pm release reservation
• Rack rate
• Late checkout
• Late charge
• Organisation chart
• Reservation status
• Rooms Division
• Housekeeping status

4. Explain why your vocal tone is so important when dealing with guests on the telephone.

5. Provide a basic definition of yield management.

6. Explain why hotels overbook.

7. Describe the process of bumping a guest to another property.  Why and when would you do this?

8. Explain how you can achieve higher than 100% occupancy in one day.

9. Explain how you would handle the following situation.
You are the only receptionist on duty. It is 7.30pm.  A guest arrives at the desk to check in.  You discover that the guest had a 6.00pm release reservation.  Just after 6.00pm you cancelled her reservation as she had not yet arrived.  What will you do now?

10. A guest approaches reception and asks you to recommend a good restaurant. Explain how you would handle this request.

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