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Foyer Millennium Hotel

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To demonstrate understanding of the importance of personal presentation, hygiene, time keeping and customer service.  How to create positive customer experiences every time.


You have just been made team leader at The Garden Court Hotel.  Your manager has asked you to talk with a group of new receptionists as part of their induction into your establishment.  All of them have limited customer service and telephone skills.
It is your responsibility to talk with the group about maintaining personal  presentation  standards as part of providing positive hospitality experiences.
Once these have been discussed, you will progress to talk about standards of greeting and acknowledgement of guests.
The standard of personal presentation and professional politeness in your workplace is exceptionally high.  Your manager will observe these standards on a regular basis.

You are to present this as the team leader to the new receptionists (class) on Wednesday 21st October in D201.  Please hand in the portfolio for marking.'Present in your full uniform.


Prepare a portfolio (word processed) containing your notes in preparation for the induction session, using the following instructions as prompts:
1. Write your introduction outlining that the aim of your establishment is to create positive hospitality customer experiences at all times.  Describe the meaning of positive hospitality customer experiences and give examples.

2. Describe the uniform (clothing and shoes) including standards of presentation and maintenance.  With reference to shoes, identify the legislation that governs safety in the workplace.

3. Your workplace expectations regarding accessories (jewellery, make-up and perfume).

4. Explain the personal grooming standards you must meet at your workplace, with reference to deportment and personal presentation.

5. Explain personal care requirements (with reference to hair, hands, feet, body, face and oral hygiene) from both a presentation and hygiene perspective.

6. Give four tips about the importance of timekeeping to demonstrate efficiency on the job.

7. State how personal hygiene requirements will be met, with regard to ablutions (washing hands), colds and flu, and illness.  Support your instructions to them by naming the legislation that affects these personal hygiene requirements.

8. Give guidance on how you greet and acknowledge customers at The Garden Court Hotel, to make them feel welcome.

9. Describe how you can train yourself to be alert to the needs of a variety of customers, and acknowledge their needs in a timely manner.  Give two examples of meeting needs of customers according to: language required, age, different nationality, special needs, gender.

10. Explain how skills in active listening can be developed by being attentive, use of questioning, reading and responding to body language, use of silence, and paraphrasing.

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