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Understand the importance of excellent communication skills through written communication.


Compose professional written communications in a reservation setting.

In most cases you have been given information details, however you may add any additional information where appropriate (and within reason).

This activity forms part of your full assessment


1. Confirmation letter

Scenario; You are the receptionist at the Southern Cross Hotel.

Prepare a letter for a family room for this Saturday night for the Gregory family. The family, consisting of two adults and three children have requested a cot for their youngest child. The charge for the room without breakfast will be $220 inclusive of GST. Include at least one sales opportunity for the Hotel in your reply, and make the letter personal and welcoming. Remember to consider the hotels reservation policy. Also consider any other information you may need to put in the letter.

Hotel Details – use the Southern Cross Hotel, Dunedin (refer to Website for further information

2. Email correspondence

You are the receptionist at The Plaza Hotel in Dunedin, send an email to Miss S. Jones via my email address confirming the following details:

The Plaza Hotel 30 High Street Dunedin

Reservation for Miss S. Jones, arriving Nov 12 2015, 2 nights, suite booked at $220 incl. GST.

Please ask in your email for ETA, whether a pickup from the airport is required, and if the guest would like to guarantee the reservation with a credit card.

3. Enquiry letter

Using an accommodation establishment of your choice within the Otago region, please respond to the following request using a business letter format. A couple in their mid - forties have called to say they will be visiting from the United Kingdom in Nov 2015. They would like to know the best rates at your hotel and also would like some advice on two interesting 'tourism' activities to do when they are visiting the area. Mr Harvey is very interested in wildlife and conservation, where as Mrs Harvey enjoys history and art. They would also like a recommendation for a special dinner as they are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.  Assignment due Wednesday 28th October.

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