History of Africa 1855 - 1914

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African Societies in 1855

European Activities and the Scramble

(a) The intrusion of Europe traders, missionaries, explorers and consuls.

(b) The political, strategic, economic and social motives of the European Powers leading to partition.

(c) Effective European occupation.

African Reaction to European Invasion

(a) Primary resistance

(b) Collaboration

(c) African diplomatic activities

Colonial Administration and African Education

(a) The aims, objectives and methods of the colonial powers.

(b) The impact of colonial administration on African Society.

Colonial Economic Exploitation and Development

(a) The effect of the new force of industrialism on African peoples

(b) The need for raw materials and markets.

The Missionary Factor in Africa

(a) Missionary activity in selected areas.

(b) The attitudes and reactions of Africans to the missionaries

(c) Factors in African society which militated against successful Christian missionary endeavour.