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True or false? (Answers below)
  1. Bull Connor was the Police Commissioner of Birmingham.
  2. The march on Washington took place in 1964.
  3. The Student Non-violence Coordinating Committee began with an $800 grant from SCLC
  4. Medgar Evers was the first NAACP worker to be killed by the KKK
  5. The SNCCC were the lead organisation in the 1961 Freedom Rides
  6. The NAACP was involved in the Brown vs. Board of Education case in 1954
  7. Malcolm X was member of the Nation of Islam
  8. The march on Washington was from the Lincoln Monument to the Washington Memorial
  9. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1965.
  10. Malcolm X led the Black Panthers.

Black Power and the Black Panthers

  • Stokely Carmichael and Black Power
  • Black Pride and Black is Beautiful
  • Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers
  • Angela Davis

The Black Muslims & Malcolm X

  • Elijah Mohammed and the Nation of Islam
  • Malcolm X

The Death of Martin Luther King (April 4 1968)

  • Assassination
  • Dr. King's legacy

  • True/false: 1) true, 2) false, 3) true, 4) true, 5) true, 6) true, 7) true, 8) true, 9) false, 10) true.