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animal earthquate theory



Listening is a important thing which has a great impact on my studies and tests. Listening is also a way to study for tests. I use more visual means then listening means in order to study for tests in school.For example: I make summation and flow diagrams on the test subject. In our class, which has 38 pupils, there is a lot of noise during lessons. It has a great effect on me. It takes me out of concentration during the class lessons in school. Although, In school tests, there is a slience in class. In this way people can focus on the tests and as a reasult they also may succed in those tests. In conclusion, pupils need to study with a slience in order that studying will be effective.

My three wishes

The purpose of this essay is to introduce my three wishes. A wish is a kind of desire which almost every person has. There are many types of wishes and it depend o the goals in life. My goals relate to the subjects: health, family, success and economy. My first wish is to live happily with a husband which I will for so much. A husband is a very important thing in life, because he is a partner for life. He will be a father for our children, and we will raise our children as a married couple. I want to find my sole mate and to get married with the right man for me. Because we will live all life together until the end of our life. My second wish is to have a successful career in life. I want to be a independent person. Also I want to be able to help people who need my help. My last wish his to be a better person as I grow up. In conclusion, I have many wishes in life, but these three wisjes are the most important to me. I wish that every persom will realize his wishes in life.

Home work

If I study at high school, I will study in the university. If I eat 3 meals at day, I will grow up. If I learn for tests, I will succed in the tests. If I go to the mall, I will buy clothes at the shops. If he lies to me, I won't be his friend. If I have money, I will spend it quickly. If I love my family, I will do anything for them.

High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is a Jewish holiday. It indicates the beginning of a new year in the Jewish calendar- (Tishrey month).It is a biblical holiday that is mention in the Torra. In addition, people go to synagogues to prey and to hear the blowing of the shofar. It is one of the Rosh Hashana commandments. According to the israeli tradition, Rosh Hashana is not only for Jewish people. But it is also a judgment day to all people in the world. In Rosh Hashana I meet my family and we eat apple with honey in the Rosh Hashana feast.

Yom Kippur



                                                                 11 Bar Yehuda street
                                                                 October 10, 2008

Noga Sofer Tel- Mond 22 vered street Tel Mond 42344

Dear Noga Sofer, I have been trying to reach you lately, but unforntly I did not succed to do it. Your telephone number was not available. That's why I worte you a letter. I want to update you that our unt gave birth a girl in sunday 21 . And also she is going to do a party for her new baby.

Please stay in touch, Yours lovely, Hila Samuel.

Technology- is it really that good??? Technology is a name of all practical sciences which the humen- being uses energy soureces and raw materials for his own benefit. Actually, technology is a process that has developed all the years, but especially in the last years. Intelligent people discoverd inventions and solutions for problems in the areas: medicine, biology, science and industry. There are adventages and dissadventages for the technology development.

The adventages of the technology help for many people to solve daily problems. for example, a new technology allowes deaf people to restor some sense of hearing. It is a implant of a tiny electronic device in the ear. As a result, many deaf people feel reborn because they are able to hear more sound then they did before the new technology. In addition, children can hear enough sound which enable them to learn to talk. Although, there are dissadventages to the new technology. Some people pass through unsucceful implants. Their operations lead to unnecessary medical complications which cause medical problems. Also, some deaf people think that the technology is an attempt to fix something that is natural and there is no need to fix it.

In conclusion, technology has effected our life in many different ways. Every day people discover new inventions in many areas of our lives. Actually, the technology make our life more easy. It is for the benefit of the humen- being. But, sometimes it does not indicate our belives. We need to belive in things that our heart tells us and to realize our dreams.