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From Gladys Gahona, April 4, 2009 in the WikiEducator Google Groups

I love this healthy addiction to WikiEducator,

Let me explain this: Our body is a complex laboratory that works perfectly; even emotions such as sadness, boredom or the losses are also needed to promote changes in our behavior. When we reach a target, several drugs are released by glands in our body, producing in us a feeling of pleasure. Drugs such as endorphins and others are fired by our glandular system into the bloodstream, producing "healthy addiction". Our body needs to feel that chemistry, is very good and healthy that this runs in our body chemistry. Collaborating, teaching, learning in WikiEducator natural produce such drugs in my body and leads me to repeat those behaviors that successful drive me to achieve my goals.

Saludos a todos

-- Gladys Gahona Private Teacher (Math, Physics, Chemistry) Secondary & Tertiary grades.