Health and Safety at Otago Polytechnic

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Health and Safety at Otago Polytechnic,Dunedin New Zealand

This page has been created by Terry Buckingham to let staff and students know what is happening with Health and Safety at Otago Polytechnic.

This page will be developed over the coming weeks and we expect to have more information avaialble as we build on the topics displyed. If you have any content you would like to see please email us directly at

We are hoping it may also be helpful for other education providers and businesses.If you have found this page useful then please email. This page could be very useful for new employees and in particular new health and safety reps.

Latest News and Projects

Celebrating Smokefree

Otago Polytechnic celebrates its smokefree campus coinciding with 31 May – World Smokefree Day. Students have come out in favour of this initiative with 74% surveyed supporting a smokefree campus. The Polytechnic adopted the policy to become completely smokefree, both indoors and outdoors, “reflecting our commitment to providing a positive, healthy learning environment”, says Chief Executive Phil Ker. Coinciding with the World Smokefree Day, Health and Safety Advisor Terry Buckingham reports that the Polytechnic is providing smoking cessation support and will be promoting the new smokefree Polytechnic with giveaways and information. “We have already had a number of staff and students make quit attempts and seeking cessation support. In preparation of Smokefree Day, we will have nicotine replacements and provide on-going cessation support,” says Buckingham. The Polytechnic invites those with questions to visit, where further information can be found, and questions can be posted. “We aim to make this transition as positive as possible for all those who may be affected, so feedback and ideas are very welcome,” Ker says.

First Aid Tip of the Month

These helpful first aid tips are courtesy of St. John

Answers for frequently asked questions

  • What is a health and safety audit and why do we do them?
  • Why is it important for H&S reps to attend Health and Safety meetings and when are they?How do I best prepare for a meeting?
  • What staff training is compulsory at Otago Polytechnic?
  • Where are the emergency flip charts located?

Examples of Frequently Used Forms

  • Incident and accident form
  • Hazard ID Form
  • Fieldtrip

Helpful Links

Helpful Videos

  • Workplace Self Assessment
  • PPE checks-Is Everything Ok With my PPE?
  • Staff Driving OP Vehicles
  • Students Driving OP Vehicles
  • Safe Handling of Chemicals

Hazard Alerts

What do we need to know about Health and Safety

The following information is from an excellent web site created by the *Department of Labour

Who should read this

  • Employers who employ adults, young workers and young people under 15 years of age
  • Employers who engage the services of contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, and persons receiving on-the-job training

Why is it important

  • To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and avoid tragic and costly accidents.
  • All employers have duties under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of employees at work, and other people in the workplace.
  • Good health and safety management practices encourage higher staff retention and increased productivity and efficiency

What you need to do and the key steps associated with health and safety management

  • know your legal responsibilities
  • make a commitment to health and safety in the workplace
  • plan how you will implement a safe working environment
  • identify, assess and manage hazards
  • provide information, training and supervision for employees
  • report, record and investigate incidents, injuries and illnesses
  • involve employees in the process to improve health and safety
  • plan and be ready for emergencies
  • include contractors and subcontractors in your hazard management processes
  • help employees return to normal work after injury