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Use this page to identify, name and describe basic components of a computer system.

The hardware of a computer are the physical parts of a computer.


The keyboard is a device used for typing.It can also be used to enter control shortcuts in programs. It allows the user to communicate with the computer. The keys, or buttons, are modeled on an old fashioned typewriter.


The processor is a common name for the tower of a desktop computer. Properly, it is the circuit board inside the tower. The circuits allow the operation of computer programs. The keyboard, mouse, monitor and other hardware connect to the processor.


A mouse is used as a pointing device. The arrow, or cursor, moves around the screen based on the movement of the mouse. It usually consists of a hand held device with two buttons. There is often a cord running to the computer tower, this suggested the tail of a mouse to the developers. More recent computer mice are wireless.


A monitor is your screen which displays images generated by the computer. You can use it to watch dvd's,listen to cd's, see what you can find on the internet explorer. Basically it is your window to the world.

CD-ROM Drive

180px-Cdrommit.jpg A CD-ROM drive is used to read information stored on CDs. This information can be files of data, computer programs or standard music CDs. This type of drive does not allow saving to the CD. More recent computers can write to a blank CD, read a DVD, or even create DVD files.