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People credited with this unit standard are able to handle knives and maintain knives in a commercial kitchen.

entry information

Prerequisite: Unit 167, Practise food safety methods in a food business, or the demonstration of equivalent knowledge and skills.

accreditation option

Evaluation of documentation and visit by NZQA and industry.

Handle knives in a commercial kitchen

  • Correct knife and technique for use is demonstrated for food item being prepared.

Range: food items - vegetables, meat.

  • Cutting surface is secure, clean, and ready for use.
  • Knife is handled safely, preventing injury to self and others.
  • Knife handling complies with establishment requirements and legislation.

Maintain knives in a commercial kitchen

  • Knife is checked for cleanliness and sharpness.
  • Knife is sharpened in a safe manner using accepted sharpening methods.

Range: methods - use of a steel, stone, grinder. at least two methods must be assessed.

  • Knife is stored in a safe manner, in correct place for knife, within agreed timeframe, in accordance with establishment requirements.
  • Knife maintenance complies with establishment requirements and legislation.


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